Professional team

Bahar Polymer Iranian Industrial Group has always tried to attract high specialized power in different categories of the company, so one of the most important strategies of managers since its establishment has been to attract specialized and professional staff to use this power for the best service. Provide services to customers.

Years of experience

As you know, experience plays a very important role in achieving a goal. Managers and members of Bahar Polymer Iranian Industrial Group with years of successful experience in designing and manufacturing machines for polyethylene pipe production lines are considered as the most reputable and reliable manufacturer of these products in the country.

Use of technology

Bahar Polymer Iranian Industrial Group, using the best technologies in the world, tries to provide its products with the highest quality to its customers. This has led to maximum customer satisfaction with Bahar Polymer Iranian collection.

Price flexibility

The products of Bahar Polymer Iranian Industrial Group are usually made according to your wishes and needs, dear customers. Therefore, according to your order, the product is produced and naturally, the price of the product also changes according to the type of your order. We are ready to make any order with any price range you want.

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Bahar Polymer Iranian Industrial Group

We are proud to be the top designer and manufacturer of all kinds of industrial machinery in the country of polyethylene pipe production line

بهار پلیمر

Bahar Polymer Iranian Industrial Group with many years of experience of the managers of this group has been able to gain the necessary skills and experience in recent years in designing and manufacturing machines for the production of polyethylene pipes and machines for the production of granular materials and eliminating possible defects in production. And provide customers with the most equipped machines.

This group has been able to provide the best advice and support, a good guide for profitable business and production for manufacturers.

The main purpose of this collection is to build and design machines using the latest technology in the world for easy access to dear customers.

Our activity statistics

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